Coal-Fired Power Plant Eemshaven NL

In 2009, Claus Queck GmbH was awarded the contract for an 11.000 tons steel construction comprising pipe and conveyor bridges, junction and stair towers as well as the power house for the coal-fired power plant Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

The whole contract consisted of 50 separate constructions, which had to be engineered, manufactured and coated with a triple layer of paint before being erected on site in Eemshaven.

The buildings and facilities spread over several areas: main sector, coaling, disposal of gypsum waste, and biomass. The biggest single component is the double tracked coal conveyor bridge which is 235 m long, weighs more than 1,000 tons and enters the power house at a height of 60 meters.

The whole project had to be carried out in a very short time and within a limited space  This partly made the use of a strand jack system necessary. Therefore huge bridge segments were pre erected and fitted with the remaining plant engineering.

Although the time schedule was very tight and a lot of different dependencies had to be coordinated the deadlines could be met.